Doom Fan Fic

John Grimm stomped furiously down the hallway, making his was to the infirmary. Though his brows were angled into an angered look, he did try his best to control his rage. His unkempt crew cut and unshaved face gave him a distinctly rugged look. He wore a loose fitting gray t-shirt, jeans, and tan hiking books; comfortable. John heaved a sigh and shook his head, he rather be in his camo any day.

He came to the door of the infirmary and shoved it open. He only pause for a moment to take in the scene. A tall and slender, young-looking man was stooping down looking over a woman’s face. The man had dark brown hair that was short and curly; and brown eyes that were at attention to the lady’s face behind thin-framed glasses. He then reached down into his white lab coat, withdrawing a pen light. He held it to the woman’s right eye and then to the left, returning to the right once again. The woman, on the other had, was small in stature and appeared much younger than the doctor and John, for that matter. She had shoulder-length, dirty blonde hair that was wavy and frizzy. Though she was not speaking, he thought she looked rather bored by the whole thing. The woman pushed away the doctor’s hand.

“Thanks for making me blind, Doctor Tucker,” she said, in a playful tone. She rubbed her right eye as the doctor clicked off the light and slid it into his pocket. “Not that I don’t enjoy seeing you, Brandon, but what was with the sudden checkup?” Tucker was about to respond when John stepped forward to make himself more noticeable.

“That’s what I would like to know!” he shouted. Tucker jumped as the woman turned her head. She smiled fondly as if to get him to clam down but her grin melted away as his face remained stern. “Just what is with this base-wide examinations? Is there some kind of emergency here? If not, then I’ll relieve you of my Serenity.” The woman instinctively stood to her name and walked to John. Her eyes were a light brown and gazed up at him pitifully as if she was not aware of what was upsetting him. He placed his hand on Serenity’s shoulder and bent down to her ear.

“Wait for me outside, okay? This won’t take but a minute,” he whispered. She nodded and kissed his cheek. He rubbed her face then smiled back at her. She did the same and walked out of the room, shutting the door back.

“Hmm, Serenity Grimm…” Tucker spoke. “You ruined that pretty name the day you married her, John.” He chuckled at his own joke but John did not. Tucker sighed, removing his glasses and rubbing his head. He closed his eyes and put his glasses back on. But when he reopened them, John stood in front of him–not even a foot between them–glaring at him. He went to move back away from him, startled, but John grabbed the collars of his lab coat.

“Whoa, sorry, man. I shouldn’t have said that,” he stammered.

“That’s not what I’m getting at.” He shook him. “Don’t you think I know what you’re up to?”

“Aw, come on! You know I have a wife, Renee. Or have you forgotten?” John then realized that he was sounding like he was just protecting Serenity, but more seemed to be going on than meets the eye. He loosened his grip just enough to make Tucker feel a little more comfortable.

“I have a feeling I’m not going to like it too much when I find out what you’re really doing.” Tucker smiled slyly.

“What? You’re not going to be pleased with my effort to create the answer to the C-24 mutation?” Reaper’s eyes widened, well aware of what he was talking about. He forced Tucker against the wall, knocking his glasses crooked.

“How the hell do you know about that?” he demanded more angered than ever. The C-24 mutation and incident were classified and highly guarded secrets. John could feel the old memories coming back to him about it. Tucker just shrugged, still smirking and straightening his glasses.

“I’ve got connections and I hear…”
“What do you know about it?” he interrupted in a harsh whisper. Serenity should know nothing of the situation, so he was doing his best not to be heard by her.

“I hear,” he continued, not missing a beat, “that it is a helluva nasty defect and I want to make sure my patients are safe. Just checking to make sure no one is showing any symptoms. A cure would also make for good money.” John tightened his grasp, glaring at Tucker profoundly.

“If your ‘connections’ are so great then you would know that that shit was left in Olduvai!” Tucker now clamped his own hands over John massive ones.

“Alright, Reaper, a question for you. How are you so sure that it is and that it can’t come down here to Earth? Nothing’s impossible, even you should know that!”

“The Arc was destroyed, that’s common knowledge, but what lied beyond it was meant to be total and complete secrecy!”


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We stood there and gazed in awe and anger. Our creek, destroyed. Where our once peaceful and lively creek was, there now was a small trickle of water with the backdrop of a bare, treeless field. All our tress were gone, the banks scraped away, and it looked just plain deserted. And we both knew just who had done it. The same humans that had messed around and screwed up Fire’s territory. We let them off easy, too. One dead dog and a broken down tractor was to send a message, not a threat of what we would do if they crossed our paths again. Sure, they did not know that we called this place home, any normal human would not take notice to us unless we wanted it. But this time, we would make it known.

“The worthless…,” Fire growled as we crept closer to our ruined paradise. “We turn our back to them for one week and they do this? They’re asking for it this time.”

I paused at the edge of what was left of the creek, I could almost see the reflections of my parents, brother and I playing in the shallow water and looking for arrowheads. I had tried to tell my parents that the Hoovers were going to clear the land close to the creek for their horses but they assured me that they were not doing anything to be looked down upon. However, my parents had never been down here to see just what we were now furious about. If I was alone, I would have cried out in anger. But I bit it back in front of Fire.

“I’ll kill them this time, Luna,” he said. “Just for you because I can feel your pain all the way over here. You know they deserve it.” I nodded my head, not really listening to what he was saying. But I shook it when I realized the consequences.

“No, I will not risk us being discovered for their wrong doing,” I replied.

“I saw your teeth show, you’re wanting some fresh meat,” he said, steely. His fangs showed as he licked his jowl and he snickered evilly. “Rabbits and small deer aren’t enough for you and you know it.” He always loved to encourage me to take full advantage of my wolf form and feast on raw meat. The full moon would force us into our true form but my choice to stay human during time when we get to choose our form usually angered Fire. Fire was four years younger than me and he was, in a word, reckless. He was the one who killed the dog, while I stripped a wire to short circuit the tractor they had used to rob Fire’s territory of trees and our old swimming hole.

“You’re the one with the taste of blood on your tongue. Not me,” I said flatly, shedding my moon white fur for my human skin. I leapt across the creek with the agility of my previous form and landed with a thud on the other side. I kept close to the ground to assure that I was not going to be spotted by anyone who might have lingered behind at the “crime scene.” Fire leapt as well but landed further than I did and he was in his human form too. He had brown hair that was long for a guy and light blue eyes, although his right one had a brown ring around the pupil. His once silver fur was replaced by a pair of old yellow swimming trunks and a white shirt.

“I forgot you were wearing my brother’s trunks,” I whispered, trying to get our conversation away from blood.

“Why are you being so quiet?” he asked, not lowering his voice.

“Because I hear them coming.” We ducked back down in to the embankment as the sound of footsteps in the brush got a bit louder. “Don’t you dare do anything.” Fire mumbled something about not listening under his breath. I shook my head and then peeped back over the bank.

“Now remember, we want them to think we’re just a bunch of stupid kids,” Fire said before I could. But then again it sounded like he was just mocking me. “We don’t want them knowing our true identity.”

“Got it,” I whispered back. “Because we can always change our location if necessary.” We could run if ever necessary but it was not that easy for me to. I had already left my family for Fire’s and I had reasons to stay close to this forest. I had given several forest dwellers my word that we would protect them, and I had my heart in another passion as well. Though Fire did not approve of it. I had once seen a red wolf in my dreams though he always said that I was crazy to think that this dream-wolf was even real. But I felt it in my heart that he was real and that I would soon get to meet him

Fire had always had an interest in me but that was since we were the few young wolves that inhabited this area. He was just too young and immature. I also wanted something different, something better…

“There they are,” Fire whispered this time. I perked up over the embankment a little and saw two older men walking down the dirt trail on their side of the creek.

One was Mr. Hoover himself. I could tell it was him with my eyes closed. The smell of liquor and booze clung to him heavily. He had no business in this woods and even relocating his horses did not help them either. Those poor animals; they were forced to eat the bark off the pine trees in that old, cramped quarters. The grass was always covered by their own feces and their coats were such terrible shape. They were underfed, over crowded, and most definitely mistreated. Although the field that he had moved them to was larger, it was just as bare. Those horses were likely to eat up all the vegetation within a week.

“Get the hell out of our woods, you jerks!” Fire yelled and sprang up over the ground. He landed right in front of them. He grabbed the smaller one by the neck and lifted him into the air. I knew that I had to act fast, Mr. Hoover was known to carry a pistol. Although a bullet was unlikely to kill either one of us, a well place one would. I leapt over to Mr. Hoover and shoved him into the dirt using all four of my limbs. I then looked at the man that Fire was holding captive. His eyes were wide with fear and surprise. A voice in the back of my he told me to kill them while we had the chance, to make them pay for their sins. But murder itself was an unforgivable sin even among wolves like us. And that was what Fire was about to do if I did not say something quick. I could see the life slowly leaving the man’s eyes as Fire tightened his grip. I had no other choice. I grew my wolf fangs and bit the arm that the man was being held by. He yelped in pain.

Fire released the man and I sighed in relief but failed to realize that my jaws were still clamped on Fire’s arm. He glared at me with a flare in his eyes. I let him go and bounded down the embankment, knowing he was about to pursue me for hurting him. As soon as I was sure that I was out of the humans’ view, I transformed into my true form. I had to lead Fire away from the men so they could get away. And find me he did. He sprung onto my back, forcing me to the ground, and sunk his claws into my skin.

“I could have had them!” he shouted, taking my neck into his mouth. He bit down and I struggled to scrap at the ground to get away. “But you had to go and hurt me!” He picked me up from the ground and slung be over his back. I flailed through the air, trying to regain my balance before I hit the ground, but the soft earth was not what I struck first. I slammed into a tree and I heard a few of the bones in my back break. I landed on the softer soil and damp leaves a lot gentler than I had collided with the tree. My breath was ragged as I glared up at him. I held back to urge to attack him for I thought he could rip me to shreds if I gave him the chance.

“I’ll kill you the next time you come between me and my prey. You need to learn your place,” he snarled. My bones in my back popped and shifted back into place. I whimpered with the pain of my bones healing. How ironic, I thought. Feel pain to heal. I stood on all fours and smiled at him, deviously. His glare loosened as he thought I was being submissive and apologizing. That was far from what I was truly thinking.

He turned around, bounding back down to the creek. I knew the two humans would be long gone and I would not have to worry about Fire hurting them for now. I walked slowly back up the hill, going back towards his house. My paws dragged the ground as I shuffled through the underbrush. My shoulders ached and I knew they were healed but still the pain from the impact trickled through my blood. I paused under a group of small trees that gave me cover from the hot sun. I laid my head on my paws and closed my eyes. I knew I would not be able to put up with Fire much longer so I really needed to find a mate and settle down elsewhere. I would need him to protect me from Fire because he always had the thought of if he could not have me then no one else could. How had he gotten so hungry for human blood? And what made him snap enough to hurt me, his lifelong friend? I smelt a wolf nearby and I sprung up thinking it was Fire coming back for another attack. I looked around and did not see anyone. Then I heard steps from behind me and breath against my tail. I tucked my tail under instantly, laid back my ears, and jerked around to see who it was.

There stood a red wolf with piercing blue-gray eyes. He was a bit more muscular than Fire and he scared me since I had never seen another wolf other than Fire and myself. Perhaps he was just a regular wolf but that was impossible, wolves did not occupy the woods so far into the Piedmont.

“What are you afraid of?” he asked in a deep seductive voice. My ears perked up and I turned to face him completely. He was the wolf from my dreams; he looked just like him. He was much bigger than I and was obviously a bit older. He had to be the alpha male to a pack, judging by how big he was. I had accidentally forgotten his question as I continued to look at him.

“Who are you?” I said, resisting to urge to get too close.

“My wolf name is Seki, my human name is not of your concern,” he replied, stepping close to me. He sniffed across my back and his cold nose touched me and I jumped. I flinched, I had triggered the pain in my back again. “Are you hurt?”

“I healed but I’m sore, that’s all,” I said and I was about to tell him not to worry about me but he licked the fur between my shoulders. It was a weak spot for me and I just melted, my tongue hanging out, my tail wagging like a cub. I shook my head. “Hey, don’t do that!”

“I’m just making sure you’re okay,” he replied, still licking. “Who did this to you?” I was not thinking clearly as I told him.

“Fire did it since I wouldn’t let him attack the humans…” my voice started to trail as he stopped licking me and I realized that I could have put us in danger. “Wait, you’re not supposed…” I tucked my tail back under and cursed under my breath. I bounded up the hill, hoping he would not follow me. I looked back and he just stood there.

“Just be careful!” he shouted, not pursuing me. He walked in the opposite direction and I slowed to a trot. He was just looking out for me?

I made my way back up to the house, changing back into my human form. I took off my outer clothes, leaving on my bathing suit. The air was warm but I knew the pool water would a lot cooler due to the rain we had the day before. I walked over to the steps and put one foot in but I immediately retracted it; the water was freezing. I shook my head, there was no way that I was swimming in that water. Then the heat from the concrete began to get to me, I stood on the front pad of my feet and walked back over to the picnic table where I had discarded my clothes. I jumped on to the table, trying to give my battered feet some rest. I closed my eyes and rubbed my head. It was so hot out but the pool was almost too cold to stand. Two extremes…

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Gotta Get Through This

Gotta Get Through This
We all been through a trial in our life whether something small or major that we have had to tackle on our own. These are the times that we want to prove ourselves to our parents and their generation that we are strong and worthy of being considered a hero. We each can recall that moment we took charge and showed that we are worthy of respect.

I was driving down a long stretch of highway on the way back from Anderson. There was plenty of fields full of cows and horses. I smiled to myself thinking of how many times my mother and I had driven down this road. I had always loved going through all these back ways, although the sun setting made the road look a bit ominous and dark. But I was okay; I was in my nice, toasty car and I had nothing to worry about. Nothing could ruin this serene January evening. My eyes had to be playing tricks on me but the car was starting to swerve ever so slightly. I blinked my eyes, thinking that maybe I was getting tired. Then I paused, I was not quite that sleepy yet and I thought of what it might be as I slowed down. It had to be a flat tire and this was confirmed by the fact the car was starting to be a bit more difficult to control. I pulled over onto the side of the road and shook my head. I had really jinxed myself this time.

I pressed the button on my steering wheel column and my flashers came on. I reached over into the seat and put my thick jacket on. I took a deep breath and stepped out into the cold, early evening air, the wind nipping at my bare neck. I walked around in front of the vehicle to the side off of the road and saw that the back right tire had gone flat. I stuck my hand in my pocket and I swallowed nervously. I had left my phone at home and I did not have any means of communication. To make matter more difficult, I was without a spare tire since my parents had put mine on my brother’s SUV last week. I thought maybe I could flag someone down but that was too risky: me alone and defenseless would not be good. But there was only woods where I had broken down, no houses or anybody going by.

I popped my wrists by pressing down on my knuckles and turning them slightly, and I rubbed my face. These actions would always seem to occur almost involuntary if I was ever stressed out. Survival IQ, the website that I drew most of my survival knowledge from, offered these words of wisdom, “Stress provides us with challenges; it gives us chances to learn about our values and strengths. Stress can show our ability to handle pressure without breaking; it tests our adaptability and flexibility; it can stimulate us to do our best” (“Stress”). Think about the positives, I thought in my head. I’ll be a better person after all this. I knew that my parents would miss me if I was gone too long and they would travel along this same part of the route. They were bound to see the car. However, recalling what had happened to Michael Jordan’s father, I was not about to wait in the car for them. My only choice: to risk a night in the woods.

I got back in the car on the passenger side, and reached behind the seat, grabbing my “survival bag.” Inside I had a poncho, rope, bottled water, peanut butter crackers, a small tea candle, flashlight, first-aid kit and other things that may come in handy if I was ever stranded. The small first aid kit had a pack of band-aids, gouges, Neosporin, aspirin, and medical tape. Chuckling to myself I picked up a small takeout box that was also in the backseat. I had eaten at the New China restaurant earlier that day and had ordered an extra plate to take home. I had never thought that something as simple as finding that food would make me so happy. Now I would not have to forage for food; one less thing to worry about.

A normal person would hate trekking it in the woods but I had grown up in the woods behind my house. I loved being outdoors and the knowledge I had picked up from my family and some books was certain to help me in this situation. I slid over the console and back into the driver’s seat, moving the car just a little bit more off the highway so it would not get hit. I turned off the engine and took the keys from the ignition, putting them in my jeans pocket. I turned off the caution lights so not to drain my battery or draw attention to myself if someone devious should go down the road. I put my bag on to my back, got out, and opened the rear hatch. I leaned over and took out the old picnic blanket and tarp. Being as cold as it was with the sun still a little out, I knew the temperature was going to plummet later that night. I pulled them close to me and shut the hatch, making sure to lock my doors. I looked into the shadowy woods, shifting the bag on my shoulder. Well, better make the best of this.

I walked a few hundred feet into the woods. There were very few small plants growing around the huge pine trees that towered around me. The sun was beginning to hang low on the horizon, and I had just enough time to be a secure and discrete shelter. I stopped at two trees that were around six feet apart and placed my bag down next to one, placing my food on top. I unfolded the dark green tarp and spread it out between the two trees to make sure it would be long enough to make a shelter out of. I was planning on building a “poncho tent” just out of the tarp and rope I had. I was going to use the poncho as something to lay on once I had built this low profile shelter. I took the rope from my bag and unwound it, hoping it was going to be long enough to stretch between the two trees. I tied one end around one tree about knee high and ran the other end underneath the tarp, securing it to the other tree. Surprisingly, there was a little rope left hanging. I was going to leave the extra length of the rope on the tree but I noticed that the middle of the tent-like shelter was sagging. I took my Swiss army knife from my pocket and sawed through the thick rope. I picked it up and went to the center of the newly formed tent. I cut two small slits in the tarp and loop the end around the rope on the inside of the tarp and tree branch, tightening the knot until the roof was taut. I picked up some branches that had fallen off the trees around my shelter and placed them across the ends of the tarp so the flaps would not fly up or the whole tarp blow away (“Shelters”).

I was proud of the shelter I had made and it did not even take me five minutes. I reached in my bag and pulled out my poncho, spreading it across the floor of my shelter. I picked up my bag and food and crawled under the tent. It would keep the wind from blowing against me too badly. If it was going to rain, this would do just perfect to keep me dry. While I was thinking about it, I left my shelter and peered up through the trees the sky was a good bit darker not and it appeared that clouds were rolling in. I knew it would rain later in the night but right now I was cold and hungry. I stuck my hand in the bad and pulled out my lighter. I did not smoke but it was good to carry around with ticks out during the summer.

I made sure the area for the fire was well enough away from my shelter and cleared the area of leaves and anything else that may catch on fire without me willing it too. I gather together enough smaller branches to make a Lean-to and still have left over to feed the fire as it burns. I stuck the longest stick in the ground at a slight angle, then I leaned a lot of the other sticks against the center stick. I pulled some of the needles of the pine trees and laid them in the bottom of “mini tent” I had created. I added some smaller sticks and dried out leaves to the center. I lit a leaf and placed it on top of the kindling and blew on it a little to get the small flame to spread within the structure (“Fire”). It took to fire fairly well although a bit slow. Luckily the wind had died down so I did not have to worry about my fire being blown out, at least not immediately. I sat close to my fire, pulled the blanket close around me, and began to eat my Chinese take out. This was not half bad. I would hate to go home.

My fire had long gone out and I laid curled up in my shelter as the rain pitter-pattered on the top of it. I stretched and looked at my watch, pressing the glow button so I could see the screen. It was eight twenty-five in the morning and I was ready to go home now that the weather had turned so dreary. Then, almost on cue, I heard someone calling my name. I could have jumped through the tent but I resisted and instead picked up all my things, leaving the soggy tarp behind. I walked up through the woods, becoming soaked with the cold rain. I forgot about the rain as I saw my parents standing at the edge of the woods. I ran to them and threw my arms around them. I was getting to go home.

They were expecting the worse but I proved them wrong. After going through that night calmly and using my head to get through everything, I felt it only fair that I was treat more like an adult. I considered myself an adult after getting through things smoothly. We all have the ability to stop and think about a situation without wishing it had never happened and curling up in a ball, giving up before it begins.

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If Only

If Only

He was my best friend and I was not there for him. It was my entire fault. If only I had been there, it would not have happened. I could have prevented it all. These were the thoughts that ran through my head that entire day.

I was sleeping heavily, dreaming of my sweetheart at the time. You know, one of those dreams you have fora week in a row after meeting that certain someone. It was just perfect. He and I sat together on a sandy beach, watching the sunset. I could smell the salty, almost sweet smell of the ocean. I felt the warmth of the setting sun beaming across my skin and the sand was fine as sugar as I dug my toes into it. I gazed over at him, smiling. He wore a white button up shirt and his shorts were covered with a bit of sand. He looked at me, his beautiful brownish green eyes sparkling, and leaned in closer to me. I could feel my heart pound in my chest as we got nearer to one another. As we were about to kiss, I heard a loud, piercing noise. However, it was not in the dream. I opened my eyes, extremely annoyed.

The sun was barely shining through my window and my plan to sleep-in was ruined. The noise continued and this time I could tell that it was the ringer to my cell phone; that irritating beeping sound that was supposed to mimic one of my favorite songs. I snatched it off my nightstand and looked at the screen, squinting a little to see the tiny letters. Austin, the name blinking on the phone, was my younger neighbor that lived a house down from me. He was four years younger than I was but he liked to hangout with me and play videogames. He could never get over me, a girl, liking his almost new, red dirt bike. We rode his dirt bike almost everyday and it was the most likely reason for his call. Not today, I was too tired from staying up to around four o’clock that morning, watching my favorite Animes. His name disappeared as I pushed a button to silence the ringer. His name was replaced with the time: eleven o’clock. I groaned, still sleepy, and put the phone back on the nightstand, knocking off an old manga book. I flopped back down into my soft sheets and snuggled back under them. I closed my eyes, sighed deeply and effortlessly fell right back to sleep.

I heard my dad’s voice, trying to wake me. He was another frequent dream wrecker. I could feel the bed sink down on one side as my dad sat down next to me. He said my name softly and shook my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, then at the clock. It was three in the afternoon! I thought he was going to fuss at me for sleeping in so late but his eyes looked sad. Then, trying to make his voice sound calming, he said that Austin had been taken to the hospital but he was going to be okay. I did not let him finish. I shot up and started begging for what had happened to him. He had broken his leg while on the dirt bike, my dad explained. He had supposedly put the front brakes on while going down the slope in his yard; one thing you do not want to do unless you want to flip over the handlebars. I was not really listening as he was telling me all this. My mind had gone blank and my lips silent at “broke his leg.” Tears welled up in my eyes, my chest began to burn, and I fell back in my bed in disbelief. Could I have stopped him from being hurt? Was he going to be able to ride with me again? Terrible things came to my head as I bawled, trying to quiet myself with my pillow. Then I thought of only one thing. I wanted to see him for myself and make sure he was truly all right. I regained my composure the best that I could and asked, in a shaky voice, when he would get back home. My dad told me that Ms. Tammy, Austin’s mom, would call me when he was back at home.
However, to drive my guilt home, my dad said that he had told me about Austin’s injury two hours earlier. I did not remember that at all and no matter how hard I try, I cannot think of it even now. I had to be the worst friend ever. I could have told him not to do it. I could have helped him if he needed me. I continued to think these things as I was getting dressed and walked outside. I felt numb, like my heart had been ripped right from my chest. Austin was the closest thing I had to a little brother, and he was one of the few kids on our street that liked to build forts and have sword fights with tall stalks of pampas grass. I sat against the tire of my dad’s Hummer and started to cry again. I kept repeating that I was so sorry for whatever I had done and what I was now being punished for.

Soon the sadness was replaced with anger, and I was furious at myself for not being there with him, for ignoring his phone call. I balled up my fist as a more intense heat in my chest began to wash over me. I cursed at myself aloud and punched the concrete as hard as I could. I did not stop there, no, I repeated several times and with both fist until the feeling return to my battered hands. I did not cry this time as I looked at my bloody and scraped up knuckles. Anger and pain did nothing to take my mind off Austin. I remained sitting there on the hard concrete, leaning against the tire, and feeling no remorse now for hurting myself. Austin was the only one I was worried about then.

My dad stuck his head out the screen door and yelled to me that Austin was home. I snapped alert and sprung to my feet. I raced across my backyard, barefoot through the soft, green grass. I’m coming, Austin, I thought as I ran through my neighbor’s yard and into Austin’s front lawn. I was in such a hurry to see him that I actually tripped and fell face first into the ground. I laid there for two seconds, making sure that I was really unharmed. After accessing the damage, I got back up and walked up to the front door. I knocked on it and half expected Ms. Tammy to answer it, instead, I heard Austin’s voice welcoming me in. I opened the door and looked over at him. His leg was completely encased in a hard white cast that went all the way up to his hip. His eyes were half open and his smile was far from happy. Those painkillers had given him a look of drunken stupor. He told me that he was sorry for getting himself hurt. Tears came to my eyes as I told him that he had not done anything wrong. I was so happy to see with my own eyes that he was truly all right. I blinked away the small teardrops and smiled fondly at him. I sat down on the floor next to the couch and rubbed his head. Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed me wrist, jerking it down to his eye level. He glared at my wounds then at me. He tightened his grip on my wrist and asked through gritted teeth why I had done such a thing. I knew he was seriously angry with me for hurting myself but it was not the time to talk about my issues. Besides, I wanted to cheer him up. I laughed and asked teasingly, “Whatcha been drinking?” His expression softened a little. His words were slurred together even more as he played along with me. He insisted he was not drunk, waving his hands slowly as if to say, “No more for me, thanks.” He smiled and I laughed heartily with him.

Austin’s laughter made me feel like a million bucks that night. I would not leave his side until he went asleep late in the night. I walked home through the yard with only the moonlight lighting my way. I inhaled deeply and looked up to the stars. I stared blankly for a moment then whispered, “Thank you.”
I have known Austin for five years and out of all things we have been through, his leg breaking was probably the one thing that made us as close as we are now. No one could ever replace him and it took nearly losing him to realize that. I know now that I should never take anything for granted, especially a great friend such as him. I do not know where I would be without him; he has always been there to cheer me on. All I know is I would not be as outgoing, active, and kind as this if it was not for him encouraging me to move on when I was down. He can always bring a smile to my face as long as I can make him smile first.

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Once you’ve been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself , at the end choose 10 (or more) people to be tagged, list their names and why you tagged them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “Tag! You’re It!” and to go read your blog. You can not tag the person that tagged you so since you can’t tag me back let me know when you are done so that I can go read YOUR blog answers.

I took some of my ideas of facts from lucy who tagged me so i don’t think it would hurt if you take some of my ideas just make them your own, remember it’s facts about YOU!

1. I have no animal fears, I don’t mind spiders, snakes and such, just don’t throw anything poisonous on me

2. I collect wolves, mangas, and glass drinking bottles, but i still have a very large collection of white rabbits from when i was little.

3. I can bend all the top joints of my fingers without moving the rest of my finger, all except my left index finger.

4. My pet peeves are tapping noises, if i do it it doesn’t bother me; but if someone else does it’s worse than nails on a chalkboard to me. and high pitch noises hurt my ears servely.

5. Uh…i can imitate some peoples voices (especially Rob’s, drives him nuts though)

6. I rarely drink coffee but when i do i have to have it really really sweet with milk or black with honey in it. Honey takes the bitterness out to me.

7.  I am not too competitive but if you beat me, don’t rub it in my face or brag about how good you are, makes you the true LOSER.

8. I love building forts in the woods with my younger neighbor Fire. And the current one is over a year old and is still a work in progress…needs a roof, the tarp always gets blown away.

9. I earned my wolf name “Luna” from Fire since I have such a love for the moon but stuck when Rob wrote a book called “Luna”.

10. I don’t wear make up and I hate fixing my hair all up. If I have make up on then most likely my mom forced me into it.

I tag anyone who wants to do the same. Just please send me a link to your blog so I can see too!

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